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What to do in Puerto Escondido? 15 unmissable activities in this paradise

In Puerto Escondido, a variety of Mexican wonders awaits you. This paradise is the perfect environment for the traveler who wants to explore, discover, be amazed and have fun. But also for those who want to relax and learn more about the Oaxaca coast. What to do in Puerto Escondido? It depends on you.

What do you want to do in Puerto Escondido? Organizing activities when you’re on vacation can be difficult. We may have little time or little information to plan a legendary getaway. That’s why we decided to make a diverse list of things you can do in Puerto Escondido. Hopefully, you can enjoy more than one activity.

1. See the waves in Zicatela

See the waves in Zicatela

Surfing is the main attraction of Puerto Escondido. So, in Zicatela it is possible to surf the third largest wave in the world.

The beach is not suitable for swimming, but you can enjoy the natural spectacle of the waves. The rhythm of the sea skirts the shoreline every day, so adventurous surfers can always be spotted trying to tame the sea giant.

2. What to do in Puerto Escondido? enjoy the beaches

If yours are the beaches, it is mandatory to visit Puerto Escondido.

So, among the main beach attractions are:

  • Punta de Zicatela: ideal for swimming and learning to surf.
  • Carrizalillo: a quiet beach with an unbeatable view. But you must descend many steps to access it.
  • Bacocho: optimal for swimming at an intermediate level. It is extensive and at 5 PM they release baby turtles.
  • Coral: ideal for swimming. It is very quiet and has shade to shelter from the sun.
  • Puerto Angelito and Manzanillo are linked by a corridor. They are quite touristy. Here they usually snorkel.
  • Main bay: here you can get fresh fish. So, learn about the local culture on their tours.

3. Take a walk in La Bomba

If you want to avoid the beach and those who frequent it, your style is probably more of rivers and mountains. What to do in Puerto Escondido? You can visit La Bomba, a beautiful river that is on the way to the mountain.

It is ideal to be in a quiet and lonely environment. Very few people frequent it despite its beauty.

4. The viewpoints of Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido has wonderful places to watch the sunset. So, enjoy this Oaxacan paradise from an incredible angle:

From the Mirador las Tortugas: between Carrizalillo and Bacocho. Also, you can walk with moderate difficulty. Watch the sunset from the rocks.

From the Mirador del Faro de La Barra: it is at the end of La Punta de Zicatela and before La Barra. It’s just a little lighthouse. From there you can see all of Zicatela. Also of moderate difficulty.

5. Laguna Manialtepec and its bioluminescence

If you like ethereal scenes worthy of a magical movie, then you must go to Manialtepec. In the Laguna de Manialtepec, you can do the bioluminescence tour at night.

We guarantee you a unique experience. Also, you can swim at night in the lagoon and enjoy the luminous plankton that shines every night.

6. What to do in Puerto Escondido? Diversity of tours

With enough budget, you can take the tours that are available. Then, none is wasted:

  • Release of turtles
  • Whale and dolphin watching (November to March)
  • Fishing tour to get dinner ready
  • Horse ride to the beach
  • Hiking tour

There are quite a few options that will feed your adventurous and curious side.

7. Tour the markets

Markets will always be an adventure. Each Mexican city has more than one to explore. When you walk through a market you can access culture from a more real and authentic sense. Gastronomy in Puerto Escondido is reflected in two large markets:

  • Downtown Market: larger and with more variety. You must have your respective precautions.
  • Zicatela Market: smaller, but with an incredible view of the sea.

8. What to do in Puerto Escondido? Salsa classes

Do you want to move your body and connect with Latin blood? Try taking a salsa class and let yourself be carried away by its tropical rhythms. There are a few places where they offer classes: El Fauno, Los Amigos, and the Congo bar.

9. Punta de Zicatela at night?

After being at a viewpoint at sunset, it is a good idea to walk along the main street of La Punta de Zicatela. Around you will have places decorated in a beautiful beach style. You will be surrounded by lights and live music.

This environment is ideal to relax after a busy day at the beach and adventure. Have a cocktail in the best bars on the coast.

10. Visit the restaurants of Rinconada

Do you have gourmet tastes and appreciate good Mexican cuisine? You have to go through the main street of Rinconada. Here are the most luxurious bars and restaurants in Puerto Escondido.

These spaces have signature cuisine, gourmet dishes, and the freshest seafood in the area. Also, it is the most exquisite gastronomic center of Oaxaca.

11. Watch a movie on the beach

After releasing turtles at Playa Bacocho, stay for the sunset and a movie. In high season (mid-November to mid-May) Villasol Beach Club shows Cinema on the Beach every Wednesday.

Each time a different film is projected on a screen installed on the beach. You can sit by the ocean and enjoy movies under the stars.

Access is free. You can buy food and drinks. So, check their billboard on their Facebook page a few days in advance.

12. What do you do in Puerto Escondido? Play volleyball!

There are several groups that play volleyball between two courts installed in the sand. So, behind them, they have a large grove of palm trees that move slowly with the air.

Every afternoon you can join us here to have a friendly game of volleyball.

Parties are often frequented in La Punta, in Playa Zicatela, and in Bacocho. Also, the courts are sometimes associated with exclusive beach clubs. Always ask if you can join the next game.

13. A nice walk through the Scenic Walkway

Imagine this: the light of dawn illuminating everything on the beach: the large rocks by the sea, the sand, and your profile while taking a leisurely walk in Puerto Escondido.

This ride can take you along the ocean from Playa Principal to Rinconada. Then, they are paths with concrete steps that lead you safely as the ocean crashes against the rocks.

Try to schedule this walk during sunrise or sunset, when the sun doesn’t feel as intense.

You need sturdy shoes. Also, think about the tide and avoid windy days, because they intensify the waves and the weather in general. Rock climbing is sometimes required to continue. But you can always decide how far you want to go.

14. What to do in Puerto Escondido? An ecological gym on the beach?

It is incredible to believe, but being on vacation does not excuse you from continuing with your exercise routine. Also, it may be that exercising on the beach inspires you. Paradise Gym is an eco-gym located in Zicatela. Here you will listen to the waves while you exercise.

Also, it is a unique concept, featuring training equipment made from wood and other natural materials. Access is not very affordable, but it is worth it. It has twelve-hour business hours: 7 am to 7 pm on weekdays, 10 am to 5 pm on weekends.

They offer yoga and other classes in the palapa on the second floor. Also, they have the best views of the ocean.

They include a smoothie bar at Ki’luum’s place. So, you don’t have to leave the beach to recharge after your workout.

15. Play pool on the beach

What to do in Puerto Escondido besides swimming? Playa Zicatela may not be swimmable, but it is full of restaurants that ensure a good experience.

You don’t have to leave the beach to play a game of pool. So, here at Restaurant Bar Esmeralda is a pool hall with a tropical atmosphere, under an open-air palapa.

It has a nice busy atmosphere. Also, consider the quality and prices of the food, beers, and cocktails – standard stuff for a direct beach bar!

16. Watch birds at dawn in the Manialtepec lagoon

What to do in Puerto Escondido if you are looking for tranquility? A boat ride through the Manialtepec lagoon may be the answer. Also, it is home to various birds: ibises, herons, roseate spoonbills, and more.

Even if you’re not much of a bird watcher, this might interest you. Then, there are wonderful mangroves around this place, some of the healthiest in Mexico.

Also, as if that were not enough, with this eco-tour you help raise awareness about the lagoon’s ecosystem. Then, round-trip transportation is included, a great asset in the early hours of the morning.

17. Hike to the waterfall and zipline

For the more adventurous, this day trip is a must. After an hour and a half drive through the mountains, you’ll head to San Juan Lachao and then a 45-minute hike to a refreshing waterfall.

Glide under the canopy of trees, along a thrilling 2,500-meter zip line. This trip is through the Sierra Madre mountains. So, this is one of the best things to do in Puerto Escondido.

18. Mountain biking in Puerto Escondido

Cycling enthusiasts should not miss this exploration of the southern Sierra Madre. Also, it is a 15 km trip where you will discover rural towns near Puerto Escondido.

The ride goes through mountains and farmland. Then you can recover with a traditional Oaxacan breakfast in one of the many small towns.

But in Puerto Escondido, there is always something to do.

If you visit Puerto Escondido, here is a list of 10 activities you can do in this fantastic place. So, keep reading about this wonder of Oaxaca:

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