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Meet the best restaurants for vegan food in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

There are plenty of delicious vegan options available in Mexico, even though meat is a mainstay of their diet. Due to its tropical climate, Mexico is an ideal place to grow exotic fruits and vegetables. Vegans love their abundance of fruits and vegetables! They are unlike anything we have seen before.

There are plenty of delicious vegan options available in Mexico, even though meat is a mainstay of their diet. Due to its tropical climate, Mexico is an ideal place to grow exotic fruits and vegetables. Vegans love this abundance! Vegan food in Mexico is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

There are many vegan restaurants with plant-based options in the main tourist centers. In local places, veganism can be a harder option to find because it’s not as common. However, tortillas, beans, rice, and avocado are staples of the Mexican diet. Also, just make sure they don’t use butter or margarine in their preparation.


It’s important to be prepared ahead of time and learn how to order your food, no matter where you stay or travel to in Mexico. Plan successfully and do not complicate your stay.

There is vegan food in Mexico, it is more common than you think.


When ordering food in Mexico, it’s important to know these key terms, even if you don’t speak Spanish.

  • Sin carne (without meat)
  • Sin leche (no milk)
  • Sin queso (without cheese)
  • Sin huevos (no eggs)
  • Sin miel (no honey)
  • Soy vegano (I am vegan)
  • ¿Opciones veganas? (Are there vegan options for this dish?)
  • ¿Tiene manteca / mantequilla? (Does this contain butter or margarine?)

Some places assume you eat fish or chicken even though you say you don’t eat meat. You have to clarify your preferences. You can also specify that white meat and shellfish: sin pescado, sin pollo.


Guacamole and tortilla chips are staples for every vegan in Mexico. It is a very common vegan snack. Mexicans are specialists in improvising. So, no matter how small the place is, you will always be able to find something that you will enjoy.

Also, there are other staples of vegan food in Mexico, available in almost every Mexican food restaurant.


They are tortilla chips served with red or green sauce. In most Mexican restaurants you’ll find them on the menu, but it’s worth asking the waiter. Be sure to specify that you don’t want cheese, chicken, cream, or eggs. So, you can add beans or avocado to the dish to make it more interesting.


They are a delicious vegan staple that you can find just about anywhere. In addition to being used as a filling for tacos, the nopal can also be eaten in salads. It is cooked with onion and tomato, almost in any combination. So, this is one of the favorite street food options in Mexico. Also, it is common to find tacos, sopes, gorditas, tlacoyos or huaraches of nopales.


They are half pieces of bread covered with beans, cheese, and sauce. That is the base, but they can have more ingredients. Molletes can be ordered with just beans and salsa. A vegan muffin with roasted vegetables can be found in high-traffic cities.

As a vegan in Mexico, these are the best places to visit and eat vegan food

There are definitely some places where vegan food abounds more in Mexico. There are some smaller cities that are well equipped like CDMX and Cancun.

The demand for vegan food in Mexico is higher in coastal towns due to the greater number of tourists. There are vegan places in Playa del Carmen and Tulum, as well as Puerto Vallarta and Puerto Escondido!

The best vegan food in the restaurants on Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

Being vegan in Mexico does not have to be difficult. Vegan food in Mexico is easy to find, just research the important terms for foodies: eggs, meat, fish, cheese, vegan options, etc. Here are some options where you don’t need to contemplate that.

Papa Tots

In the center of Puerto Escondido, you will find this cute little restaurant. There are vegan options on the menu, as well as vegetarian potato chip balls. They served these delicious little balls on their own or with a variety of other garnishes (salad, burritos).

They are absolutely delicious for such a simple meal. The most recommended is the vegan burrito.

Chillicon Valley

Do you deliver homemade food? Of course! Chillicon Valley Vegan Food Service operates in Puerto Escondido and offers a wide variety. The restaurant has a small set menu with delicious and affordable dishes.

It has three things that can become your favorites: soy chili, sandwiches, and chocolate brownies.

Note: Shipping costs may vary depending on your location.

Elephant Garden

You have probably come across Elephant Garden if you have done any research on vegan food in Puerto Escondido. It has avocado bagel options, bowls and delicious non-dairy drinks. Its facilities are incredible and, in addition, it is pet-friendly.

Señor Salud

Señor Salud is a small store that sells organic products, grains, seeds and natural items for body care. It’s not for everyone, but if you plan to stay in Puerto Escondido for more than a week, consider cooking for yourself.

Visit this mall to stock up on vegan supplies. It stocks organic local produce, as well as some homemade foods. Several large supermarkets are also close by.

Vegan food in Holy Moly

It is a unique restaurant that offers a vegan meal from Mexico at a fixed price every night. On Sundays, it is closed. It is a 100% vegan diet. Even their desserts and drinks are a complete surprise. All food is delicious, just try what interests you the most.


It is a small 100% vegetarian cafe. It is located next to Casa Losodeli, in the heart of Puerto Escondido. In addition to breakfast dishes, pizza, salads, and smoothies, this restaurant also offers vegan options.

Casa Losodeli offers a small co-working space for travelers who work during their trips.

Would you like to visit some of these vegan food places in Mexico? Did you think that Puerto Escondido did not have vegan options? Then, venture out and read on with us:

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