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Best Time to Visit Oaxaca: A Guide to Planning Your Trip

Discover the ideal time to explore Oaxaca’s stunning landscapes, rich culture, and vibrant festivals. Plan your trip with our detailed guide to Oaxaca’s weather, festivities, and cultural events.

Discovering the best time to visit Oaxaca can be an invaluable part of planning your trip. Surrounded by stunning landscapes, a rich cultural history, and exquisite gastronomy, Oaxaca is a vibrant destination year-round. However, depending on your interests and personal preferences, certain times of the year may offer you a unique experience. We’ll provide you with detailed information about the weather, festivities, and cultural events to help you decide when is the best time to visit Oaxaca.

Oaxaca’s Climate
Oaxaca Seasons

Oaxaca, with its temperate climate, offers a climatic duality that is mainly divided into two seasons: dry and rainy. The dry season, which extends from November to April, is characterized by sunny days and clear skies. This is the time when tourists prefer to visit Oaxaca as the weather conditions are ideal for exploring both the city and the surrounding areas. In contrast, the rainy season spans from May to October, and although mornings are usually sunny, there may be rainfall in the afternoons and evenings. Despite the rain, the vegetation looks lush, and the mountains and fields are at their greenest, which can also be attractive to some visitors.

Average Temperatures

Temperatures in Oaxaca are quite pleasant throughout the year. During the day, the average temperature ranges between 25°C and 30°C, a perfect range for enjoying outdoor activities. Nights, on the other hand, can be cool, especially in the winter months, where temperatures can drop to 10°C. It is advisable to bring lightweight clothing for the daytime heat and something warmer for evenings and early mornings. Oaxaca’s climatic diversity makes it important to check the weather forecast before packing to ensure you bring appropriate clothing for the weather during your visit.

Local Events and Festivals
Night of the Radishes

The Night of the Radishes oaxacan celebration

The Night of the Radishes, celebrated every December 23rd, is one of Oaxaca’s most picturesque events. During this unique festival, local artisans showcase their skill by carving radishes into intricate figures and scenes. The tradition dates back to colonial times and today attracts crowds of visitors and residents alike, all eager to see the ephemeral masterpieces before they wilt. If you’re interested in folk art and limitless creativity, this is a festival not to be missed.

La Guelaguetza

Known as Oaxaca’s most representative festival, La Guelaguetza is a celebration of the culture and traditions of the state’s various indigenous peoples. It takes place on the last two Mondays of July, unless one falls on July 18th, the anniversary of Benito Juárez’s death, in which case it is postponed to the following Monday. This festival is characterized by colorful dances, vibrant traditional costumes, and the generous distribution of Oaxacan snacks. Attending La Guelaguetza gives you the opportunity to experience up close the ethnic diversity and deeply rooted traditions of Oaxaca.

Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead oaxacan celebration

The Day of the Dead is one of Oaxaca’s most emblematic celebrations, with festivities extending from late October to the early days of November. This tradition, with pre-Hispanic roots, celebrates life and death with colorful altars, offerings, and feasts. The streets are filled with parades, music, and dances, while cemeteries are transformed into luminous spectacles with candles and flowers. Visiting Oaxaca during this time is an emotional and culturally enriching experience that offers a unique perspective on death and the afterlife in Mexican culture.

Best Time to Visit
Dry Season: November – April

The dry season is considered by many as the best time to visit Oaxaca, thanks to its mild climate and clear skies. This period facilitates comfortable exploration of archaeological sites such as Monte Albán and Mitla and allows you to enjoy the city’s colonial architecture without the risk of sudden rains. Additionally, the cooler temperatures are ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking and ecotourism. Festivities during these months include the celebration of Christmas, New Year, and Holy Week, each with its own traditions and special events.

Rainy Season: May – October

During the rainy season, Oaxaca is dressed in green, and nature around it flourishes, offering spectacular landscapes. Although rains can be frequent, they typically do not last all day and are followed by sunshine. This season is perfect for visitors interested in landscape photography and botany. Additionally, prices are usually lower, and there are fewer tourists, which is ideal for those seeking a quieter and more authentic experience. Two notable events during this time are La Guelaguetza in July and the feast of the Virgin of the Assumption in August, both full of color and tradition.

Visiting Oaxaca by Interests
For Beach Lovers

Puerto Escondido oaxacan beach

Those dreaming of golden sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters will find their paradise on Oaxaca’s coast. The best months to visit beaches like Puerto Escondido, Mazunte, or Huatulco are from November to April. During this dry season, you can enjoy surfing, diving, and relaxing beach life with radiant sun and ideal weather. Additionally, it’s the time with the least likelihood of rain, ensuring sunny days for sunbathing and enjoying the magnificent sunsets offered by the Oaxacan coast.

For Culture and History Enthusiasts

Oaxaca is a cultural gem in Mexico, filled with archaeological sites, museums, and impressive colonial architecture. To fully immerse yourself in its rich history and traditions, consider visiting the city during festivals such as La Guelaguetza or the Day of the Dead. These events are windows into Oaxacan culture and offer unique experiences, from folk dances to solemn processions. The climate during these seasons is also favorable for cultural exploration without the interruptions that rain can bring.

For Foodies

popular meals of Oaxaca

If your interest is gastronomy, Oaxaca is a culinary destination enjoyed all year round. With a cuisine that has gained worldwide fame, foodies can delight in dishes such as mole, tlayudas, and mezcal at any time. However, some events such as seasonal markets, culinary festivals, or celebrations where food plays a central role may offer deeper experiences. For example, during festivals, it is common to offer samples of traditional dishes or “popular meals,” where Oaxacans gather to taste together the vast regional cuisine.

The best time to visit Oaxaca largely depends on your personal interests. If you’re looking to experience the major traditional celebrations, then summer and the Day of the Dead season are ideal. However, the weather is more pleasant during the months of November to May, making this an ideal time if you enjoy outdoor activities. Remember that planning is key to making the most of your visit to Oaxaca, a city rich in culture, traditions, and natural beauty.

Frequent Questions

What is the climate like in Oaxaca?

Oaxaca generally has a warm climate throughout the year, but the city also experiences a rainy season that typically extends from May to October.

What are the average temperatures in Oaxaca?

In summer, temperatures in Oaxaca can reach up to 30 degrees Celsius, while in winter, they can drop to 10 degrees Celsius.

What local events and festivals occur in Oaxaca?

Oaxaca is famous for its cultural festivals, such as the Night of the Radishes in December, La Guelaguetza in July, and the Day of the Dead in November.

When is the best time to visit Oaxaca?

If you prefer drier weather and less rain, the best time to visit Oaxaca is during the dry season from November to April.

When is the rainy season in Oaxaca?

The rainy season in Oaxaca generally extends from May to October, with June and September being the rainiest months.

Who is an ideal visit to Oaxaca for?

Oaxaca is an ideal destination for different types of travelers, including beach lovers, culture and history enthusiasts, and foodies.

When is the best time for beach lovers to visit Oaxaca?

The best time for beach lovers to visit Oaxaca is during the dry season from November to April when temperatures are warmer, and there is less rain.

When is the best time for culture and history enthusiasts to visit Oaxaca?

For culture and history enthusiasts, visiting Oaxaca during traditional cultural festivals like La Guelaguetza in July and the Day of the Dead in November can be an unforgettable experience.

What does Oaxaca offer for foodies?

Oaxaca is famous for its cuisine, including its globally renowned mole, quesillo, tlayudas, and mezcal. There are also many markets and restaurants where travelers can explore the rich Oaxacan cuisine.

Is it safe to travel to Oaxaca?

Oaxaca is generally considered safe for tourists, but like anywhere, it’s always important to take basic safety precautions and stay informed about local conditions.

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