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How long to spend in Oaxaca | Enjoy your travel experience to the fullest

When you are traveling you tend to have limited time and budget. So, if you wonder how long to spend in Oaxaca, you need to consider some of your needs, in comparison with the amazing things to do in this beautiful state of Mexico. Stay with us in your travels.

When you are traveling you tend to have limited time and budget. So, if you wonder how long to spend in Oaxaca, you need to consider some of your needs, in comparison with the amazing things to do in this beautiful state of Mexico.

Stay with us in your travel.

Oaxaca’s beaches, Unesco-listed wonders, and delicious cuisine make it one of the most enchanting locales in southern Mexico.

As rich in color as it is in culture, the state capital of Oaxaca City belies its gritty underbelly with a sophisticated self-awareness.

Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s most beautiful cities, nestled against the dense tropical vegetation of the state and surrounded by the high peaks of the southern Sierra Madre.

Check here how long to spend in Oaxaca.

Offering many great sightseeing opportunities, this UNESCO World Heritage Site displays an attractive combination of Indian and Spanish elements.

Due to its many attractions, this city has successfully preserved its unique character. 

You will find Instagram content around every corner and facade, so get the camera ready and think how long to spend in Oaxaca.

Oaxaca was established in 1521 by the Spanish after they arrived, and determined that the name Oaxaca should be derived from the Aztec fortress on which it first stood. 

Travelers flock to the city not only for its cultural offerings but also for its fine architecture.

The city hosts the Guelaguetza festival in July, an Indigenous festival filled with dancing, costumes, music, and food.

Find out how long to spend in Oaxaca and what is the best thing to do in this beautiful part of Mexico by reading how to spend a week in Oaxaca.

In the vibrant Mexican city of Oaxaca, you can sample smoky mezcal and try out a steamy temazcal sauna.

Known for its stunning architecture, agave plants, and delicious food (and mezcal!) Oaxaca City is full of sightseeing and architectural wonders. 

Our guide to the top things to see in this colorful Mexican town includes a look at Hierve el Agua, the best things to eat, Mole, and some activities off the tourist track.

This takes its time, so check how long to spend in Oaxaca.

We’re here to help you plan an epic trip to Central Mexico, so here are some of the top things to do in Oaxaca!

With colorful buildings, impressive churches, and streets lined with cacti and agaves, Oaxaca City is not to be missed. 

However, this city goes beyond its “Instagrammable” exterior to offer a wealth of culture, history, and delicious cuisine.

It also boasts friendly locals and a casual vibe that you’re sure to fall in love with.

Whether you’re in town for a few days or a whole week, you can fill your time with plenty of activities.

Discover what to do and eat in Oaxaca City in our guide. Contemplate how long to spend in Oaxaca with the best attractions.

There are a lot of things to do in Oaxaca City

In Oaxaca, there is a wide variety of cultures. Both the cultural hub of Oaxaca City and tiny villages can be found here.

Mountain ranges, beaches, deserts, and mountains can all be found here.

how long to spend in Oaxaca?

Oaxaca offers something for every type of traveler, whether you want to try delicious Mexican food or you want to soak up the sun and snorkel in Huatulco.

We will be focusing on the most popular sights and activities in Oaxaca City.

A sweat lodge can help you detoxify and de-stress

After a night of mezcal excess, you might want to try a temazcal to feel better. Traditionally, this Mesoamerican sauna was still used as part of a healing ceremony, and it is a good way to detoxify and cleanse.

Using heated stones and seasonal herbs and fruits, water is poured over them like a sauna.

One of the best places to try it is the Ceviarem Temazcal, just out of town.

How long to spend in Oaxaca? With this activity, you won’t want to go away.

Temazcal rituals are rooted in Mayan culture, so you might be interested in one if you want a spiritual experience rooted in Mayan culture.

For centuries, Mayan shamans have practiced this cleansing ritual to treat a range of ailments including tight muscles, poor circulation, and helping your body rid of toxins.

How long to spend in Oaxaca? Views from the Zócalo

Picture showing Oaxaca plaza

Oaxaca’s city center is centered on the Zócalo. There are many pathways throughout the park, and it is a gathering place for Oaxacans.

Oaxaca’s main square is one of the places to see and be seen around sunset, as in many cities throughout the country.

Among its sights are balloon vendors, street food stalls, teenagers giggling in crowds, and multigenerational families enjoying each other’s company alongside well-dressed Chihuahuas. 

Sometimes, you’ll get to see a musical performance. There’s a lot of local cultures to experience there! Think about it how long to spend in Oaxaca with this.

Take a walk around Oaxaca’s streets from the Zócalo, where you can set off in any direction.

How long to spend in Oaxaca? Get a taste of the smoky spirit of the state

You would be remiss if you didn’t sample the fiery tipple of Oaxaca while you’re there. Mezcalerías (bars specializing in mezcal) offer a range of drink options that can be informal or more formal, depending on your preference.

Don’t be shy about asking questions, since you’re likely to encounter bartenders who know the spirit inside and out.

For those who don’t like straight liquor, a mezcal margarita is a deliciously smoky alternative.

Monte Albán, the Zapotec city, is a time machine back to the past

In the region before the arrival of the Spanish, the Zapotec civilization dominated, leaving mostly abandoned cities and ceremonial centers behind.

Monte Albán sits on the newly leveled top of a mountain just outside the city, combining superb panoramic views with the famous Zapotec architecture.

An impressive collection of objects, artworks, and human remains and an impressive museum are near the Monte Albán Archeological Zone.

How long to spend in Oaxaca? Read on to figure it out.

In the city’s main plaza, you can enjoy the laid-back energy of the locals

A popular Mexican pastime is strolling, sitting, and shooting the breeze in the zócalo (main square) when the day cools – and Oaxacans are no different.

Plaza de la Constitución is a plaza in the historic center of the city, which is a great spot to experience its distinct atmosphere.

In addition to hosting regular markets and lively events, it has a neighboring park, Alameda de León.

During the summer months, take a walk through the cathedral adjacent to the park to cool off under ornate vaulted ceilings and baroque treasures.

Take a look at this wonderful textile museum

museum in Oaxaca

There is nothing better than the Oaxaca Textile Museum that explores Oaxacan dress and traditions even if you aren’t interested in threads.

Nine permanent exhibitions display thousands of pieces of local, regional, and national clothing that date back well over a century.

A one-hour guided tour in your native language will help you make the most of the experience. You can also pick up a souvenir at the excellent crafts shop onsite.

This can take its time if you need to contemplate how long to spend in Oaxaca.

Visit ancient treasures and learn about the history of the region

In addition to visiting the botanical gardens, you should also take the time to check out the adjacent Church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán.

It’s not only one of the world’s finest examples of Baroque architecture and adorned with gilded interiors, but it’s also the region’s most important museum.

This museum chronicles the history of the region over 23 rooms, beginning with pre-Hispanic times and continuing through colonial times.

Tomb 7 at Monte Albán is the exhibit that is the star of the museum’s collection of burial treasures.

How long to spend in Oaxaca? Check this shop at Aripo for colorful crafts

Oaxaca’s craft heritage is almost as renowned as its food.

If you are looking for artwork by local artists, you should visit Aripo (Instituto Oaxaqueño de las Artesanías).

Besides being an arts and crafts store, it is a cultural center where you can browse embroidered fabrics and earthenware made in Oaxaca.

Workshops are held regularly, and every purchase supports the creative community.

How long to spend in Oaxaca? Spend some time in the market, getting engrossed in its sights, sounds, and smells

When you wonder how long to spend in Oaxaca, consider that a visit to a market is the only way to truly understand the essence of a place – and nowhere is that more evident than in Oaxaca City.

Its extraordinary gastronomy is evident in Mercado 20 de Noviembre and Mercado Benito Juárez, both of which present delicious assaults on the senses.

The Mercado de la Merced provides a smoother introduction.

If you still want to get lost among the stalls, you can find everything you need at Mercado de Abastos, a vast market just outside of town.

Take a stroll through the Ethnobotanical Garden

A beautiful collection of plants from all over Oaxaca is found in the ethnobotanical garden next to the Templo Santo Domingo. How long to spend in Oaxaca?

Learn about this activity first.

Plants in Oaxaca are grouped by ecological region, making it the most biodiverse state in Mexico.

Even today, the church’s roof is used to collect water for the plants!

There is no walk-in attraction at these botanical gardens – you have to book a guided tour in advance.

Those who want to take the English-language tours need to pay 50 pesos ($2.5) on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 1:00 PM.

How long to spend in Oaxaca? What makes Oaxaca so special?

how long to spend in Oaxaca?
El teatro Macedonio Alcalá en Oaxaca, OAX, Mexico

It seems that some cities represent their countries the best.

In Kyoto, you will find temples that are in top condition, skyscrapers that gleam, local markets that sell unusual foods, and ryokans that offer high-end kaiseiki cuisine.

People think that’s what Japan is like. You might think of Sevilla when you think of Spain – the city of orange trees and flamenco, ornate buildings, and bullfights.

For Mexico, that city is Oaxaca. Mexican culture is very diverse; however, here is the perfect representation of what many people think Mexico is.

Located among mountains in a valley, this warm, colorful city has a lot to offer. Delicious food can be found on the streets.

Colorful clothing can be found on women.

The city is surrounded by ancient pyramids.

Parades and festivals are held throughout the year.

Check how long to spend in Oaxaca

If you’re looking for a place in Mexico to base yourself for a week, taking day trips nearby, and exploring the city in depth, Oaxaca would be the best choice.

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