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Investing in Puerto Escondido: Is it a good time to invest?

Investing in Puerto Escondido is ideal to obtain a better quality of life. It has recently become one of the most visited destinations.
arhitecture in puerto for real estate

Puerto Escondido, on the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, has a lot to offer. It has recently become one of the most visited destinations. Investing in Puerto Escondido is ideal to obtain a better quality of life.

Both for travelers who need a space to relax and for those who want to connect with nature and enjoy a space that provides tranquility, peace and harmony. This small city on the coast of Oaxaca is one of the most treasured sites in Mexico.

Buying real estate is always attractive, regardless of the economic situation. It is considered that investing in “bricks” has become something safe, and the idea of ​​a property on the beach seems even romantic. A great option for those looking to invest. During the last five years, real estate investment in the region has exceeded 10% per year and is expected to grow further due to the tourist attraction and the completion of the highway that the current Government builds.

hotel in puerto

According to David Agmon Mizrahi, CEO and founder of the real estate crowdfunding platform Monific, this is because the arrival of Covid-19 has led many people to move to the beach.

Still a little-known destination with growing popularity. It is one of the most attractive places to invest and plan for the future.

Puerto Escondido is growing, there is no doubt about that. As this place develops, so will the business opportunities. And with growth comes opportunity. It is not commercially exploited and allows you to come into full contact with nature.

Investing in Puerto Escondido, with its extraordinary diversity, cuisine, climate, landscape, and culture, the possibilities for real estate investment are plentiful. From land, where to buy and build your own house, to rent and set up your first business.

invest in family

Who wouldn’t want to come live in this coastal paradise?

As with any good opportunity, don’t rush it, but don’t expect too much either. Many people have already decided to invest in this beautiful place.

Here are the main reasons why invest in Puerto Escondido:

  1. Tourist gem waiting to be discovered.

Puerto Escondido is an untapped diamond in the world of travel, a newly discovered and less commercially explored destination. This means that the residents of Puerto Escondido can immerse themselves in natural spaces that create a bohemian tourist atmosphere and a magical environment.

discover puerto

2. Its beaches

The beaches, with their variations in temperature, water colour, type of sand and force of waves, are a great natural attraction of the region and offer a wide range of recreational activities and water sports.

the beaches to invest in puerto escondido

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Among our favorite beaches are:

surfing in puerto
  • Zicatela Beach. Ideal for professional surfers.
  • La Punta. Where youth, parties and waves to get started in the world of surfing are active all the time.
  • Manzanillo. The best place to swim for a while and be with the family.
  • Bacocho. As a family and freeing turtles, it becomes an unforgettable experience.

3. The weather

Puerto Escondido tends to have less temperature variation. Despite the high humidity, temperatures are high throughout the year and the chances of rain are low. The region is not as warm as other tourist destinations in the world.

When is the hottest time to visit Puerto Escondido?

the weather in puerto Escondido

The hottest months are from May to July. The hottest time of the year is usually mid-May. With a maximum temperature of 36 °C (87.1 °F) and a minimum of 25.6 °C (78 °F). Higher temperatures are more susceptible to moisture, while lower temperatures are more susceptible to high winds. So, to realize this heat or cold, we must consider the sensations of humidity and heat.

4. The gastronomic culture

The gastronomy of Puerto Escondido is one of its main attractions. Its signature cuisine offers a unique regional cuisine, and you can enjoy the best of different cuisines. Puerto Escondido has many typical dishes, you will find tihinda tamales, grasshopper tacos, chicatana sauces, iguana meat, black mole, delicious tlayudas, tasajo.

gastronomical culture in puerto escondido

We also recommend the lemon sorbet, a dairy-free ice cream, and the Andalusian torrija, which is Oaxacan French bread. Outside of the food menu, drinks like mezcal are the most popular. However, for those who need a non-alcoholic snack, seasonal fruit concoctions provide a tasty alternative. Last but not least is the coffee from Pluma Hidalgo, Oaxaca.

5. City in growing development

In recent years, the coastal city of Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido, has taken the tourist world by storm. A paradise of long beaches, perfect waves and great beach style.

gradually develop in puerto escondido

This paradise has gradually become a fixture. Not only in the ears of the visitors, but also in their hearts.

Puerto Escondido is more enthusiastic.

In the past, Puerto Escondido was kept secret and exclusive to millionaire tourists and the main hotel and restaurant chains. It is mostly only known because the wave season takes place in summer, with waves up to 15 meters high. This phenomenon is known as the Mexican Pipeline and is popular with both fans and professionals of this water sport. Puerto Escondido is a surf destination.

However, with the arrival of COVID-19 and various causes certainly related to the open travel policy of the country and the state of Oaxaca. Puerto Escondido is beginning to develop a personality of its own in addition to surfing.

development in Puerto Escondido

Tourists from different parts of the world, expelled from their country due to the pandemic situation, decided to discover and start investing in this Mexican paradise.

As such, the city is growing little by little. With more and more entrepreneurs embarking on this jewel of the Pacific.

There will be more hotels, more restaurants and more tourist services. Some people criticize the touristy side of this place. Others see it as a great opportunity for regional growth and development.

6. Real estate

The growing real estate supply. Investing in Puerto Escondido real estate market offers excellent investment options. Thanks to the fact that the housing services serve as an ideal tourist destination for national and foreign tourists. Properties in this destination are in high demand and can enjoy high returns on capital.

Puerto Escondido Real Estate investing

7. The best retreat

Last but not least, Puerto Escondido is one of the best places to retire. It is a paradise at this stage of life for many reasons. On the one hand, the sea, the climate and the sea breeze are great physical and mental factors. Improve your mental health. In addition, Puerto Escondido offers a better lifestyle. You can find the tranquility, peace and harmony you need to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Investing in Puerto Escondido for retreat

As with any good opportunity, don’t rush it, but don’t wait too long either. Because many people have already decided to invest in this beautiful place. Investing in Puerto Escondido is a great option.

Disfruta las raíces del mezcal, la bebida espiritual más antigua de México desde Quiegolani.

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