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Oaxaca Mexico Guide | Tourist attractions, best times and more

Oaxaca Mexico is an indispensable paradise destination for getting to know Mexican culture. Find a complete guide with all the useful information for your trip : tourist attractions, what to do, the best time and how many days to visit, how to get there and more.

Oaxaca Mexico is synonymous with good food, colonial architecture, and streets full of tradition.

Undoubtedly a go-to destination if you want to know the Mexican culture. We share a complete guide to visiting Oaxaca. 

Find all the useful information for your trip to this paradisiacal place: tourist attractions, what to do, the best time and how many days to visit, how to get there and more.  

Oaxaca on the map – how to get there?

Oaxaca is located 460 kilometers southeast of Mexico City and is well connected to the rest of the country.

Oaxaca map

There are two main ways to get to this destination:

By Air

Oaxaca has its airport called Xoxocotlán International Airport, which is only 12 km from the center.

Depending on where you come you can find direct flights or flights with a stopover in Mexico City or Guadalajara.  

To give you an idea, from Mexico City the flight costs $1500 on average.

It takes about an hour and the airlines that drive it are Aeroméxico, Volaris, and Viva Aerobus.

Take into consideration, you must transfer to the center by taxi.

By Land

The main option this way is by bus.

You can find ADO tickets ranging from $500 to $1000. 

You will find this option if you are in nearby states such as Veracruz, Puebla, Guerrero, Mexico City, Chiapas, and other cities in Oaxaca. 

From Mexico City to Oaxaca by bus, there are about 6h30 of the trip.

When to go? – Best times

The climate of Oaxaca is usually hot, tropical.

The best season to visit is any time of the year! Oaxaca Mexico is recommended at any time for its good climate. 

However, there are some secret tips in this guide only for travelers who want to make their experience the most:

1. – In June and August, there may be rains. Although it is light, if you do not enjoy visiting tourist attractions in this climate, avoid these months.

2. – If you are looking to visit on important dates, consider Dia de Muertos (31, 1 and 2 November), Noche de los Rábanos (23 December) and Guelaguetza (mid/late July).

3. – If you would also like to visit the beach, surf, fish, etc. Visit from late February to mid-May.

How many days does it take to get to know Oaxaca?

Oaxaca Mexico is a place with a great variety of tourist attractions and experiences.

So if you are planning to visit, it is advisable to think 4-5 days at least to enjoy everything we show you in this guide.

You can distribute your days like below when you come:

  • A day to explore the tourist attractions in the city center, taste the gastronomy and enjoy the nightlife.
  • A day for getaways like Monte Albán and Hierve el Agua.
  • A day for cultural activities: museums, gardens, etc.
  • A day for experiences, buying souvenirs and touring all that was missing from the bucket list.
Monte Alban Oaxaca
Monte Albán

Where to stay?

The best thing is to stay in the center of the city to have all the tourist attractions a few steps away.

You can also find guided tours. If you like housekeeping, included breakfast and amenities, choose to stay at a hotel. 

On the contrary, if you prefer something more economical, with a kitchen and privacy, choose Airbnb.

What to do? – Tourist attractions

Oaxaca Mexico is a heavenly city, full of tourist attractions everywhere.

In this guide, we divide them into 5 categories along with the must-see places within each, so you can add them to your itinerary:

1. – Downtown

The best thing about this area is that you have everything within a few steps.

You can visit day or night and not only see wonderful places and architectural works but also find people and local experiences that will be the best of this trip. 

The main tourist attractions are:

Zócalo or central square where you can soak up the culture and local people.

Temple of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, a Baroque architectural work.

Temple of Santo Domingo Guzmán
Temple of Santo Domingo Guzmán

Basilica de Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, large church built in 1718.

Markets: Benito Juárez, 20 November, ect. Indispensable for the local gastronomic experience.

Ethnobotanical Garden, for connection with nature.

2. – Culture

It is also important to visit cultural tourist attractions, to know the history of the Mixtecs, Zapotecs, and national celebrities like Benito Juárez.

The top 4 in this category are:

Casa de Juárez Museum: Discover the history of Benito Juárez.

MACO de Oaxaca: The amazing museum of contemporary art.

Oaxaca Textile Museum: Tradition and contemporary art.

Centro cultural San Pablo: First Dominican convent in Oaxaca, now center.

3. – Surroundings

The main thing about Oaxaca is that on the outskirts of the city, you can get away to completely different places and enjoy greater experiences.

The 3 most popular are:

Monte Albán:  30 min away, these pre-Hispanic ruins are the most important in the state of Oaxaca.

Hierve el Agua: 2 hours away, these waterfalls are one of the most impressive landscapes in Mexico.

Tule:  30 min away, you can find the millennial Tule tree with more than 45 meters of circumference and 2000 years of life.

4. – Gastronomy

The most exciting part of this adventure: try dishes you will not find anywhere else!

If you visit Oaxaca, you can not miss trying:

Oaxacan food and gastronomy

Unique dishes:

  • Mole
  • Chocolate
  • Chapulines
  • Tlayudas
  • Tamales


5. – Tours and experiences

If you would like to know more about the history and details of unique elements of Oaxaca, here are some tour options you can do:

The tour of the mezcal – Mezcal roads. Taste the elixir of the gods.

Black Clay Tour – See how these magical crafts are made.

Alebrijes Tour – Meet the artisans and their techniques.

Final recommendations of Oaxaca Mexico’s guide

As you may notice, visiting Oaxaca is a dream experience. 

No doubt you will delight in its extraordinary gastronomy, archaeological areas, and markets. 

For many, it is a city that maintains the spirit of viceregal Mexico and an extremely attractive, peaceful atmosphere.

If you were wondering, how much budget you should plan for your trip, we recommend putting between $5,000 and 6,000 pesos, distributing it as follows:

  • 2000 pesos transport
  • 500 pesos per night of lodging
  • 300 pesos in meals per day
  • 200 pesos personal tickets and purchases per day

You have reached the end of the guide to visit Oaxaca!

Since you have all the vital information for the best trip as well as the must-see tourist attractions.

The only thing left is to enjoy.

Continue to discover Oaxaca:

Disfruta las raíces del mezcal, la bebida espiritual más antigua de México desde Quiegolani.

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