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Punta Zicatela: foreigners’ favorite place – Where is it?

Puerto Escondido is known for its different places, but we can’t forget La Punta Zicatela, the place where foreigners come to relax. We will tell you in this article where this magical place is located. Keep reading for the best recommendations.
foreigners favorite place

Puerto Escondido is known for its different places, but we can’t forget La Punta Zicatela, the place where foreigners come to relax. We will tell you in this article where this magical place is located. Read on for the best recommendations.
You can party, eat at nice restaurants and stay in fancy hotels in Puerto Escondido and Zicatela in Oaxaca. However, less than 10 minutes away is La Punta, Puerto Escondido, which has a really relaxed hippie/backpacker vibe.

You’ve got to stay here. Enjoy the peace and quiet in hammocks or huts by the beach. Puerto Escondido has a lively nightlife everyday.

To read more about this we have our blog named Nightlife in Puerto Escondido: A guide to the best party spots.

You’ll only pay 30-40 pesos ($2) in a taxi.

La Punta – Puerto Escondido. The perfect beach town for a relaxing getaway

favorite place to relax

A tiny beach town with a dirt road and a hippy vibe, La Punta, Puerto Escondido sometimes gets hammered by big surf. Occasionally the waves can be quite big, so it isn’t ideal for swimming, but it’s good for a refreshing dip.

Where is it?

La Punta is located at the left end of Zicatela Beach, facing the sea. This is Puerto Escondido’s southernmost beach. In addition to its peninsula shape, it is characterized by cliffs adorned with a lighthouse that guides boats. There are strong currents in this rocky area, which makes it unsuitable for swimming. However, surfing makes it a good place to practice, as there are big waves. Palapas are located on the beach where you can enjoy a drink.

la punta rocky forigners place

It is one of the most popular places to stay among tourists because of the many things that happen there. In addition, La Punta is a popular place to settle for foreigners who want to move to this paradise of the Mexican Pacific.

The best thing about La Punta is that it has a friendly wave, almost periodic, which makes it easy to learn if you don’t know how to surf, or to practice before jumping into Zicatela’s dangerous waves. You can rent boards there or hire surf lessons with local surfers if you don’t have a surfboard or do not practice the sport. Further, there is a small bay in La Punta that provides a more tranquil environment for bathing.

Mostly dirt and sand make up the streets. In this way, it has a rustic and relaxed aesthetic, making it very appealing for people who have decided to simplify and live a more relaxed life. A palapa roof covers most of the wooden or mud buildings. Every step leads to hammocks and lush vegetation.

surfing at la punta

The area has shops, grocery stores, pharmacies, and even an ATM. Leaving La Punta isn’t necessary!

La Punta: Where to stay?

Besides cheaper and rustic places, there’s also boutique hotels or more equipped Airbnb houses. However, there aren’t any big hotels or resorts. There’s nothing like this about La Punta or Puerto Escondido. In order to keep this magical place chill and simple, the local community must preserve its essence.

You have to stay at Cabañas Buena Onda hostel in La Punta. There are dorms and cabañas. Just walk 50 meters and you’re in the water. This place has a great vibe and has a cool hangout area under some huts. A couple restaurants and shops are just a minute walk away. A dorm night costs just 120 pesos.

cabañas en la punta

Alternatively, Pacific Budda Hostel across the street is 130 pesos a night and has a 9.7 rating on Hostelworld.

There’s also a great gastronomy scene at La Punta! In the picturesque streets of Punta Zicatela, you can find everything from oriental food to Mexican food, Peruvian food to signature cuisine.

This small place offers different events every night, like live music bands, open mics, and activities to enjoy with family or friends.

La Punta’s strategic location makes it a great place to enjoy sunsets over the ocean. There’s always a sunset to watch at La Punta, no matter what time of year.

foreigners surfing at la punta

Taking a surfboard to La Punta Beach, a calm swim, toasting at sunset, tasting the best cocktails and flavors and walking barefoot through the bars: who wouldn’t want to visit this wonderful place in Puerto Escondido? Feel the sun on your face and feel the sun in your body.

Have a great time in Puerto Escondido or La Punta. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself slipping into relaxation mode and staying for a while.

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