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Regions of Oaxaca and their customs and traditions

Oaxaca is divided into several regions, which have specific subdivisions thanks to their history, culture, and ethnic identity. These are 7 the 7 divisions of the region: the Valley, the Sierra, the Coast, the Cañada, the Mixtecs

Oaxaca is divided into several regions, which have specific subdivisions thanks to their history, culture, and ethnic identity. These are 7 the 7 divisions of the region: the Valley, the Sierra, the Coast, the Cañada, the Mixtecs Alta and Baja, the Papaloapan, and the Itsmo; although they are also considered the Mixe Zone, Trique, Chontalpa, the Bule and the Mountain.

Oaxaca is a state of diversity

The extension of the territory and the diversity of natural resources that distinguish the state of Oaxaca, has led to order both culturally and by territory, cradling 16 ethnic groups.

This division is based on the economy, politics, culture and geographical conditions since these precisely mark the lifestyle of the inhabitants as well as the activities that are carried out.

Regions of Oaxaca: diversity of climates

The different regions of Oaxaca vary in their climate; in the Central Valleys a temperate environment is perceived, in the area of Cañada it is warm and near the Mixteca the climate is perceived as cold.

These climatic conditions accentuate the personality of the inhabitants of each region, those who are in the Mixteca area are usually of more serious and reserved personalities. Their clothing is characterized by the use of sweaters, zarapes, and ponchos that are usually woven in wool. Those who live on the coast, are characterized by their joy and good humor wearing light clothes that harmonize with the heat of the sea.

Towards the regions of the Central Valleys where you can find a greater concentration of mestizo groups, the clothing usually represents the typical and traditional. In this Central region, the blankets, napkins, and blouses of different fabrics with traditional Oaxacan embroidery stand out.

It is also characteristic of the craftsmanship of the place, such as the ceramics of Atzompa, which is a very particular green color; one cannot fail to mention the black mud belonging to Coyotepec.

Black mud belonging as an example of regions of Oaxaca.

Image by Inakiherrasti

In the Mixtec region, the petates, hats, and vessels are of exquisite beauty.

Oaxaca has woods being one of the main sources of the economy of the Sierra region, as well as the Isthmus.

The pineapple is a fruit of great importance, as it is one of the protagonists of one of the most representative festivals of the state: The Guelaguetza, in which the main objective is to offer the goddess of corn Centéotl, the most valuable and representative of each region.

It is undoubtedly an event that for both nationals and foreigners deserves to be appreciated at least once in a lifetime.

Image of the dance of the Guelaguetza of the regions of Oaxaca.

Image by jose maria gonzalez

Different indigenous languages, for each of their regions

Different indigenous languages are spoken in Oaxaca:

  • Mazatec
  • Zapotec
  • Chontal from Oaxaca
  • Mixe
  • Chinanteco
  • Huave
  • Cuicateco

The music of the regions of Oaxaca

Just as each region has its gastronomic particularities and uses and customs, music also finds a different form of expression in which there are sounds, syrups, and songs.

In the Isthmus region, the Sandunga stands out, in the Central Valleys the Mixtec Song.

And all these expressions come together in the festival of the Guelaguetza, which we mentioned earlier, a meeting of all the regions in which each one offers the best of their music, their dresses and crafts.

Oaxaca and all its regions offer a wide variety of culture and traditions ranging from typical gastronomy to its handicrafts, in addition to offering natural landscapes of extreme beauty ranging from mountains that almost touch the clouds to beaches recognized worldwide.

Image of a beach in Huatulco as part of the regions of Oaxaca.

Image by Suwanosejima

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