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Short on time and want to enjoy Oaxaca? Discover Oaxaca in 3 days

Here we are going to introduce Oaxaca in 3 days so you can appreciate its natural and historical beauties. We will provide you with a practical guide in case you have little time but a strong desire to enjoy its iconic places, crafts, cuisine, and culture. Here are the must-see places in Oaxaca. Come and fall in love with this beautiful state of Oaxaca.
"Hierve el Agua" Natural reserve in Mexico

Oaxaca offers a rich and diverse culture, with colorful festivals, delicious traditional cuisine, and unique crafts. Additionally, it boasts impressive natural landscapes, such as the Hierve el Agua waterfalls and the archaeological ruins of Monte Albán. In every corner of Oaxaca, you will find history, tradition, and beauty. But let’s find out what you can do in 3 days if you don’t have much time to travel.

First day

The first day is perfect for immersing yourself in the beauty and charm of this city.

The Santo Domingo de Guzmán Temple

The Santo Domingo de Guzmán Temple is the main point of interest to start exploring Oaxaca. Built in 1608, it is an impressive example of New Spanish baroque architecture. It has undergone various occupations and conflicts, from being used by the Royalist and Insurgent Army during the Mexican War of Independence to being occupied by centralists and federalists in the 19th century.

Admission is free, and it is recommended to visit the main altarpiece, an impressive work. But the real spectacle is at sunset when the facade of the temple is illuminated, creating a spectacular visual effect. It is delving into the history and architectural beauty of Oaxaca. It is a must-stop for visitors who want to experience the cultural richness of the city.

Ethnobotanical Garden It is located next to the Santo Domingo Convent, it is a botanical garden of 2.3 hectares where we can see hundreds of plant species from the state, to understand the diversity of climates, highlighting cacti, a hallmark of Oaxaca. Highlighting an impressive barrel cactus of the species Echinocactus platyacanthus, surprises with its size as well as its longevity, weighing more than 5 tons and is over a thousand years old.

Visiting this place is only possible with a guide and lasts about an hour.

November 20 Market from Oaxaca

November 20 Market One of the main interests of the Oaxaca region is its gastronomy, and for this reason, an indispensable visit on your first day is to visit a market. The most famous of them is the November 20 market, where you can learn much more than just a few food dishes.

Zócalo de Oaxaca is a picturesque place, the epicenter of activity in the city. Meeting point to enjoy cultural events or to go out for a drink at night. It houses several buildings, and one of the main attractions is the Cathedral of the Virgin of the Assumption, an example of religious architecture. You can explore shops and restaurants like the Pasillo de Humo where you can find variety in Oaxacan cuisine. Also noteworthy is the Old Government Palace, grandeur of the past.

The zócalo is an essential place to explore and experience the essence of the city.

Second day

Well, now that you have seen the majesty of the historic center, I recommend that you give some beautiful places a chance and go on an excursion to explore the surroundings of the city of Oaxaca.

Santa María del Tule In Santa María del Tule, just 14 kilometers from the city, there is an exciting excursion for those who want to explore for a few hours on the second day. Its main attraction is the famous Tule tree, recognized as the largest tree in the world with a diameter of 14 meters. The name of the tree, Tule, gives its name to the entire town; according to some experts, it is estimated to be 1400 years old. This natural wonder is impressive to behold and offers a fascinating view of the longevity and majesty of nature.

Hierve el Agua The most outstanding excursion is the visit to Hierve el Agua. About sixty kilometers from the city, it is a set of impressive natural pools and petrified waterfalls that will surely become the highlight of your trip. We recommend taking a tour. Not only can you enjoy a refreshing swim in the natural pools and spend a sunny day, but you can also learn more about the Zapotec culture; for them, it is a sacred place. This excursion will provide you with a unique experience combining nature, relaxation, and cultural knowledge.

Monte Alban Archaeological Zone Located just 8 kilometers from the city is the Monte Alban Archaeological Zone. This was the ancient capital of the Zapotec culture, founded around 500 B.C., and therefore it is believed to have been one of the first cities in Mesoamerica. Here we can see the Great Plaza, the Ocote Palace, the Great Ball Court, astronomical observatories, steles, and tombs among other buildings. This includes the towns of Arrazola known for its alebrijes and San Bartolo Coyotepec, famous for its black clay craftsmanship, being the best.

Third day

Artesanal mezcal from Oaxaca

Get to know the Mezcal world Oaxaca is the main producer of mezcal in Mexico, so visiting a palenque to learn about the manufacturing process and explore the agave plantations is an essential activity. If you don’t have your own vehicle, don’t worry, we recommend a tour:

Mitla, Teotitlán del Valle, and Mezcal Factory: This excursion is very interesting because in addition to learning about the manufacturing and tasting of mezcal, you can visit the archaeological ruins of Mitla.

Excursion to Tule and Teotitlán del Valle and Mezcal Factory: similar to the previous one and also allows you to immerse yourself in the craft culture of Teotitlán del Valle, in addition to enjoying a visit to a Mezcal Factory.

Mezcal Tour by Santa Catarina Minas: this town is known for its mezcal tradition, so this tour is ideal if you want to delve into the mezcal manufacturing process, taste it, and learn about the flavors and characteristics of good mezcal.

We have combined these excursions so that you can enjoy them in a day and spend your time learning and enjoying their wonders.

And remember that when you want to go out, travel, and discover Mexico, there are still many things to visit in Oaxaca, as well as its beautiful beaches.

Disfruta las raíces del mezcal, la bebida espiritual más antigua de México desde Quiegolani.

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