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What to do in Puerto Escondido at a low cost? | The best selection of affordable activities

Your plans should not be hampered by money. Many seasoned travelers jump from one country to another on a tight budget. And you can do the same if you plan what to do in Puerto Escondido at a low cost.

What to do in Puerto Escondido at a low cost?

Also, as health security returns, more people are willing to travel. Sure, traveling can be an exciting experience, but exploring the whole world costs money.

Your plans should not be hampered by money. Many seasoned travelers jump from one country to another on a tight budget. And you can do the same if you plan what to do in Puerto Escondido at a low cost.

So, here are five tips to consider for surviving a tight budget:

1. Plan ahead

Even a getaway cannot be successful without prior planning. Come up with a plan to use as a low cost as possible.

Therefore, you must cover everything: plane tickets, travel dates, accommodation, and purchases. When your goal is to get to know the place, you don’t need to dine in a fancy restaurant or shop in a mall.

Then, you will get to know the regional food in local stalls and you will learn more about the culture through markets. Also, just be careful not to get sick and end up overspending. If it doesn’t look safe it isn’t.

2. Hunt for discounts

Planning ahead can save you a lot of money. Book tickets six months or more in advance, some airlines offer discounted fares. So, you will get the best offers, the most friendly with your budget.

3. Look for secondary destinations

Instead of going to the place that everyone is looking for, choose a place nearby. In addition to being cheaper, they often have cooler weather and unique attractions. You can find inexpensive meals within walking distance of small hotels. Most are conveniently located. But, if you’re looking to relax, these secondary destinations tend to have fewer tourists.

Consider two factors to look for this type of destination:

  • How to get to the place (transport options)
  • Accessibility of the place to other areas of interest
  • That includes essential amenities for you

4. Place to stay? Hotel, Airbnb, homestay

In high season it is impossible to find significant discounts in any hotel. If you have to travel in that space, you have to search quite a bit.

The first option for backpackers is to stay in a homestay that offers a bed and breakfast. Even an internet friend who lends you his sofa, a very popular option today.

Staying in a house is cheaper than a hotel. It will also give you a taste of local life, no matter how long you stay. This can be interesting if you are wondering what to do in Puerto Escondido at a low cost.

5. Look for a safe trip

Travel insurance is not an additional expense, it is an investment. You can use it in an emergency, and it can save you a lot of money. Having insurance saves you from paying medical bills and lost luggage.

If spending is unavoidable, think that you can always do it wisely.

What to do in Puerto Escondido at a low cost?

Want to relax on the beach, eat seafood at oceanfront restaurants, dive and snorkel pristine reefs, and surf championship waves? Puerto Escondido offers all of this, plus kayaking, canoeing, bird watching, horseback riding, and swimming in bioluminescent waters in Laguna de Manialtepec.

Well, it all depends on how much you want to spend and your planning. Find what to do in Puerto Escondido at a low cost. There are merchants who even rent umbrellas to travelers. Try to choose well what you want to spend your money on.

Main spaces of Puerto Escondido

In the first place is the Playa Principal, parallel to Av. Pérez Gasga. Here you will find the main hotels and restaurants. The most popular and therefore the most expensive.

At the mouth of the Rigadillo River there is a small freshwater lagoon near Playa Marinero. Here are waves suitable for beginners. Consider it if you need such a space. For its part, Playa Zicatela has waves from 6 to 15 feet for experts.

Across the rocks towards El Faro and the panoramic viewpoint of Sueñopossible is the coastal walk, the Andador Escenico.

Playa Manzanillo lies beyond. If you want to snorkel you can rent a boogie board and other equipment. If you are wondering what to do in Puerto Escondido at a low cost, perhaps renting products is not highly recommended, unless you want to see dolphins and turtles with the family.

Playa Carrizalillo has clear, shallow waters that are ideal for snorkeling and surfing. Then, Playa Bacocho is surrounded by high red cliffs, residential neighborhoods, and hotels.

The volcanic ledges, ledges and lava rock passageways of Punta Colorada are ideal for the more adventurous scuba divers. So, you can see puffer fish, lobsters, rays, moray eels, snowflake eels, barracuda and parrot fish.

There are water taxis that connect the seven beaches of Puerto Escondido, as an alternative to the busy Playa Manzanillo.

You can eat mackerel, snapper, roosterfish, and yellowfin tuna. But it is not something to do in Puerto Escondido at a low cost, less in spaces near the coast.

What to do in Puerto Escondido at a low cost?: Surf school?

In Puerto Escondido, there are professional surf classes for all ages. You are guaranteed to stand up on the board and ride waves from the very first lesson. There is promotion and stay packages in some places. Also, it implies savings if you are fond of this activity and it is the only thing you want to do on your trip.


An agency that offers surf lessons and tours in Puerto Escondido. They offer tours and accommodations by the beach. Also, with them, there is access to bioluminescent water, baby turtles, birds, horseback riding, tubing and rafting on the river, rowing, and dolphin watching. The whole experience in a single exhibition! Their prices average 70 USD ($1,500 MXN) per person.


It offers surf trips and lessons, as well as custom boards. They provide fun and safe beginner and intermediate lessons. For experienced surfers, there are trips of several hours. Their boards are specifically designed for beginner surfers. They are made with a softer surface material and flexible fins for maximum safety. They have professional photo sessions, but also higher prices.


Located in Carrizalillo, one of the most beautiful and quiet areas of Puerto Escondido. In addition to surf and language classes, it offers accommodation in apartments located near the school and the beach. They guarantee to learn about the culture and about Puerto Escondido. It has prices for foreigners.


B SURFER is a family business. They offer individual and small group lessons, to all ages. The instructors are fluent in Spanish, English and Russian. They guarantee safety and fun at an average price.

What to do in Puerto Escondido at a low cost? SPORT FISHING

Activity designed for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts! Something to do in Puerto Escondido at a low cost. Also, there are bilingual tours, with experienced guides and with a deep knowledge of nature. There are different companies that offer service and quality, such as Omar’s Sportfishing.

What to do in Puerto Escondido at a low cost? Self-taught tour?

If it’s about getting to know Puerto Escondido, there’s nothing like hiring a tour service, like ROBERT’S ECO TOURS, which will take you to the most important landmarks in Puerto Escondido and its surroundings. However, doing it on your own can save you quite a bit of investment. Although it is a double-edged sword since you could just wander aimlessly and not get the most out of the experience.

Also, sometimes the packages are for a very general audience and rarely give you a personalized and unique experience.

Learn the language

So, do you have time and want an experience close to where you are? Learning the language can be a key moment in your trip. Not only can you do it in Puerto Escondido at a low cost, but it will also help you in the future.

There are a variety of options. Also, some include accommodation with local families, school bungalows, and studio apartments.

In addition to rock climbing trips, lagoon tours, and orienteering tours in Puerto Escondido, they offer a variety of fun excursions. You could feel at home.

Classes can be individual.


You can have several options with professional chefs with more than 30 years of experience.

During the course of the day, you will be able to take a Mexican cooking class, visit a local market and enjoy breakfast with those ingredients.

Learn to cook Mexican sauce, and six or more different sauces. There are dishes that are prepared with these sauces for breakfast.

Breakfast and tour of a Mexican market. The Mexican Food Tour & Breakfast will give you an insight into the flavors of Mexico. So, here is an experienced chef will guide you through the culinary traditions of the region.

What to do in Puerto Escondido at a low cost? TOUR TO MARKETS: Benito Juárez Market

Puerto Escondido restaurants do not keep all the secrets about the best food. Sometimes all the magic is in the market.

The Mercado Benito Juárez serves the best food in the city between fruit and vegetable stalls.

There is nothing better than pure Mexican food. Whether they are green chilaquiles, enchiladas, fish tacos, tlayudas or nopales salad.

It’s a good idea to eat while strolling through the intricate aisles of the market. Immerse yourself in the fusion of market aromas and discover exotic fruits you have never seen.

The Benito Juárez Market in Puerto Escondido is a great place to eat and learn about the gastronomic culture of Mexico.

Also, the price is low, it is cheerful and has personality.

So, do you already know what to do in Puerto Escondido at a low cost? So, read on with us to discover what this paradise has in store for you:

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