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The 5 best places in Puerto Escondido to surf this 2022 | Surfing in Puerto Escondido

As a matter of fact, depending on the kind of surfing adventure you are looking for, you might be interested in learning what the different surfing opportunities in Puerto Escondido look like!

It depends on the kind of surfing adventure you are looking for. It might interest you in learning what the different surfing opportunities in Puerto Escondido look like! Don’t miss out during 2022 on the best surf places there are!

There are other things to have in mind when planning to go for a surf ride We strongly recommend always checking the forecast before going out surfing. Here is a good website for doing so.

Top 5 surfing places in 2022

Zicatela Beach

Difficulty: very high | Crowd: Moderate | localism: high

zicatela beach puerto escondido surf 2022 - Surfing in Puerto Escondido

There is a world-class wave that is known as “The Mexican Pipeline” that everyone in Puerto Escondido is familiar with. There is no doubt that this is one of the most dangerous surf beach breaks in the world. In order to surf in Zicatela, you need to make sure that you have the right level of experience before paddling out and make sure that you are prepared. As far as heavy pipes are concerned, the venue offers both left and right pipes.

There is a general trend to observe a difference in the size of the waves during the surf season (May to September). Waves can vary between 2 m to 6 m (7 ft to 20 ft) as opposed to 0 m to 3 m (0 ft to 10 ft) during the summer season. There must be low to moderate offshore winds in order to meet the requirements. There are certain times of the day when it works best (from sunrise to 10 AM). In terms of tides, low to medium tides are the best ones.

Srufing in La Punta

Difficulty: moderate | Crowd: High | localism: high

la punta beach puerto escondido surf 2022

In front of the fashionable beach bars of this place, there is a beautiful break that offers a perfect left wave. There can be a wide range of difficulty levels depending on the size and orientation of the swell, ranging from low to high. Although it’s a perfect spot to work on your maneuvers, on the best days, the wave offers some great tube runs as well. During the swell season, you can expect swells of 3ft to 10ft (1m to 3m) at times, whereas the rest of the year you can expect swells ranging from 0ft to 7ft (0m to 2m). It is best to go at a low to medium tide.


Difficulty: low to intermediate | Crowd: Moderate | Localism: moderate

Carrizalillo beach - Surfing in Puerto Escondido

A great place to start if you are a beginner! It is important to note that Playa Carrizalillo is one of the best beaches in the world for beginners to intermediate levels. It is important to mention that if you are a good surfer, you should not boycott the competition. In fact, this is one of the best places to go on big days. The configuration of the bay drains waves. So, it will be smaller in size than other breaks in the area because it drains wave energy. Both righties and lefties will be able to find a wave that suits their needs. There is a tradition among the locals of reserving the right-hand wave for them. The left is capable of achieving conditions that are quite perfect. Low tide is the best time to go surfing.

Surfing in La Barra

Difficulty: intermediate to high | Crowd: Low | Localism: low

La barra beach

La Barra de Colotepec is located in the south of Puerto Escondido and has its own surf break that can be enjoyed by surfers. It is a short drive to the town of La Barra de Colotepec, where you can stroll along the beach and along the river to reach the water. There is a very strong breaker that can throw many tubes as far as offshore winds are concerned on the beach of that place. Due to the fact that this place connects to the river, which is home to a large number of crocodiles. Many of them tend to avoid this place during the rainy season. During the dry season, the river is not connected to the ocean, which makes it safer during this time of year. It is best to go when the tide is low to medium.

Punta Colorada (for bodyboarding surf only)

Difficulty: intermediate to high | Crowd: low to moderate | Localism: moderate

Punta colorada beach - Surfing in Puerto Escondido

This Puerto Escondido break is only for bodyboarders – It is located just north of town, literally across the street from the airport. Located next to a beautiful point called Colorada, it is a strong beach break that is great for surfing. Despite the fact that the wave is too fast for surfers, it is ideal for bodyboarding with tubes.

As a result, Puerto Escondido has something for everyone! There is a surf spot for everyone. From beginner surf spots to pro-only breaks, so you’ll be able to find the one that best suits your style. You should keep in mind that Puerto Escondido is surrounded by several other surf spots. Many of them have little to no crowds around them. Visit Puerto Escondido for Surf this 2022 and enjoy what you do best in one of the best places!

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